You’ve Come a Long Way – Single Women Driving Toronto’s Condominium Market

According to a Royal Bank poll released last May it reported that of Canadians considering purchasing a home within the next two years, 49 percent of buyers would be women compared to 35 percent of men.  This statistic has not gone un-noticed by Toronto’s condominium developers and their designers.

What we are seeing in new condominium construction is:

  • Increased security
  • Better lighting
  • More amenities and in house programming (pilates and yoga classes)
  • Individual flooring plans

However don’t expect these women to be buying in the suburbs.  What is a key consideration is that the unit be in a neighbourhood which reflects their lifestyle. I don’t think a condo  in Scarborough’s Markham and Sheppard will suit someone working in Toronto’s downtown.   What they most likely want is a condo say in the Toronto’s east end waterfront district (very affordable) which is allow access to some great spots like St Lawrence Market, Cherry Beach or the Distillery district.

Another consideration female buyers look for is does it have sufficient storage space and will the unit be suitable for a long occupancy.   Today’s women are much more comfortable living alone and some don’t hang everything onto the traditional marriage, house and raising a family model…if it is to be so then it will.

In making the decision to buy it comes down to choices which best reflects their individual wants and does that specific condominium deliver on that criteria.  So Toronto condominium developers have learned that women buyers want to be listened to, so don’t expect them to buy a cookie cutter unit off the rack.