When Is the Worst Time to Move?

Be warned, if you are moving the last week of June then expect delays, chaos and lots of additional stress.

It seems that this last week of June creates the perfect storm for those moving.  The cycle of this period never changes, but let me explain all the factors which culminates in this massive week of transition.

Here are the issues:

  1. Regardless of the month the end of any month is always the busiest, so expect any business relating to moving will be charging a premium.
  2. Having come out the busy spring buying cycle most sellers/buyers are looking to close so they can get on with their summer.
  3. Real estate lawyers dread this week as they will be processing dozens of housing transactions, pushing office staff to juggle almost triple the normal work load.
  4. With the end of the school year, parents are anxious to get the kids settle prior to going into the summer month.

Having packed for weeks it all comes down to one day for sellers and buyers to complete this herculean task.   If the last couple weeks prior to moving day were stressful then the last week of June is stress on steroids.

Over the years here are some of the calls I have had to field:

  • The mover we hired hasn’t shown up.
  • Their truck has broken down.
  • My cat/dog has run off and we can’t find them.
  • It’s 8 am and the buyer is knocking on my door screaming I have to get out.
  • It’s 4 pm  and we’re out front of the new house but we don’t have the house keys.
  • My mover just drove their truck into the garage door and it won’t open.
  • It’s 6 pm and the seller still has everything in the house.
  • The condo building won’t let me use the elevator as I didn’t reserve it.

No doubt, moving is stressful.  When I am working with clients we try, if possible, to avoid closing during this insane June window.    I am a guy who likes to work to his plan, but with any good plan I am always cognizant that it has to be flexible and anticipate issues.

Following any move the universal response is, “I am never moving again”.

This is the analogy I like to use is.  Think of the last week of June as the Friday of a long weekend and you are driving out to the cottage at 4 pm.  Once you hit the highway traffic will be at a dead stop as everyone else is also heading for the cottage.   We get smarter after this experience, so we adapt and either leave early Friday or Saturday morning. Sometime it is taking the path less traveled which is the better choice.

I always love to hear moving stories, so share your experience in the comments section.