TV Realtors, Talking Heads or Headless Talk?


TV does a great disservice to realtors as most reality programs relating to real estate have no grounding to the actual true world of buying or selling a home. It is either the narcissistic realtor host droning on about themselves, two prize fighter like realtors duking it out in some gladiator circus or some machiavellian agent attempting to steal the deal on behalf of some naive buyer or seller. Just like actors on Grey’s Anatomy are not doctors these agents in reality based real estate shows are playing a role…and in some cases not a very good one.

In my world it would be so magical if I could buy or sell a client’s home in 22 minutes (30 minus commercials and promos). A typical realty program storyboard: Our celebrity agent shows a buyer 3 properties and then following the second commercial break our TV buyers make their offer and in the closing two minutes of the show they happily move into their home. If only buying or selling a home could could go so flawlessly.

Buying or selling a home can’t be scripted but it can strategically managed. It takes months or years of preparations (for both sellers and buyers) to get to the realistic position where they are ready either to sell their home or purchase. With buyers it is critical to understand their housing needs and then matching their housing criteria to real properties available. Buyers are looking for a realtor’s counsel and knowledge as it is their biggest investment Sellers look to me to get the best possible price for their home and with home staging, marketing and other online/off line resources their home can be better positioned to maximize market value.

It will be a long time before these reality show realtors hold and Emmy for their portrayal of big city agents.

A very young Michael holding an Emmy from his early days at working with the CBC.