Toronto To Get New Eglinton Transit Line

The Premier and Toronto’s Mayor announced today that our city will be building a new subway line. This is great news for Toronto residents, as anyone who commutes via TTC understands how long it takes to travel from Etobicoke or Scarborough into the city centre. The new line will run underground along Eglinton starting at Black Creek and ending at Kennedy station. Now, the line will continue above ground on is what is now the Scarborough Light Transit line out to Scarborough Town Centre. This new line is expected to be completed by 2020.

The Finch west light transit line in now dead and the city is still looking to build the 13 kilometer Sheppard line, however the province has not agreed to fund this construction. It appears David Miller’s Transit City plan is dead, however the city is still on the hook for cancellation costs…and that bill is adding up.

It is not uncommon for residents who live in transit black holes to take 2 1/2 hours to travel one way to work – 5 HOURS A DAY ON TRANSIT! These commuters own homes and pay taxes so it is long overdue that they receive a better transit system. In addition to shorter commute times, homeowners can expect property values to increase as quick access to a subway line will certainly contribute to the overall neighbourhood’s value. Commercial plazas and small businesses will also benefit with increased traffic which will should result in more customers and greater sales