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My article on leveraging social media in marketing or researching buying and selling a home

My article on leveraging social media in marketing or researching buying and selling a home

Tuning In and Turning On Today’s Home Buyers

45% of home buyers view a house on line first

74% of sellers want video used to sell their home

Only 12% of realtors have a registered You Tube channel


A for sale sign planted on the lawn and the listing loaded onto is not enough to attract today’s home buyers. Buyers and sellers have at their disposal dozens of online portals, providing them with an incredible depth of information.  With our easy access to Face book, Twitter, Google, YouTube, blogs and dozens of other websites there are so many opportunities to showcase a home.    If you are looking to either buy or sell you want to be leveraging Social Media  and other online platforms in your marketing or research materials.

Think of it this way.  With traditional marketing you are restricted to a specific location, however with new media a home has the potential for unlimited market penetration as well as exposure regardless of geography.  Here are just a couple of online resources which are available to anyone looking to source out a community:

  • Google maps provides a street and aerial view identifying schools, parks and local shops
  • The local school`s website posts academic and athletic achievements as well as specific and board wide EQAO results
  • YouTube videos regularly post events which could be highlights of an annual street festival or a school fun fair
  • Online property and personal crime statistics to gage a neighbourhood’s overall safety
  • Local bloggers and online community news outlets regularly report on current community issues

As a homeowner you want potential buyers to see your home beyond  just its bricks and mortar.  Let them share your experience of living in your house and what makes your neighbourhood the perfect place to live.  YouTube is the perfect tool for telling stories.  So: Lights! Camera! Action!   Do a tour of the house and go ahead brag about your newly renovated kitchen, the hardwood floors or your lovely exterior landscaping.  But don’t stop there, include all neighbourhood features from the bullets above.  Make your home stand out, as you want your message to be heard.

Now, it’s time to build an audience and the key here is leveraging the power of social media streams -Face book, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs, YouTube, etc.    By sending your home’s video link out to dozens of online platforms you have maximize your exposure to buyers.  So with a click on a Ipad you are now providing a unique experience of what awaits them in your home and the neighbourhood.

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