Toronto Get Ready For The Big Winter Melt


street flooding

It’s that time again when the snowstorms end and the rainstorms begin.  Today Toronto is expecting 30 to 40 mm of rain and that is enough to put most homeowners’ on the alert for basement flooding.  I showed two houses this morning and both had puddles of water in the basements.

It is aways a curious thing that most buyers only want to see a house when it is a beautiful sunny day.  No, what you want is to see a house when its pouring rain and the street’s storm drains are struggling to keep up with the overflow.  Here is a Toronto map of potential neighbourhoods which are being studied which have had issues with basement flooding.   However, in this you will also notice that in July 2013 many west end Toronto neighbourhoods, including Etobicoke, have not been added to this map.

basement flooding map

My point is when you are looking a homes you want to see what you are buying not only on a good day, but also when the weather turns nasty.

With a good heavy downpour you will get to see how a homes drainage system is able to function when put to the test.  I am looking to see if the water is being drained away from the house and not towards the foundation.    Another thing I want to see is if the homeowner has installed a back flow valve.   This tells me the homeowner takes basement flooding seriously and was willing to make the investment in keeping water outside.

On a quick side editorial.  We all know that severe weather is definitely on the increase and insurers will soon be making back flow valves a condition in order to avoid massive payouts.    Having a back flow value may also keep a homeowner’s insurance premiums from sky rocketing.

As I said in the beginning of this blog that we did see water in the basement in the two homes we visited this morning.     We are concerned enough that in putting in our purchase offer a house inspection will be included and we will be asking Bob our inspector to take a long look at where the water is originating.

The last thing we want to see once my clients move in is to find a nasty surprise following another downpour.