Today is Toronto’s True First Day of Summer

Yes, I realized that on June 21st Toronto officially welcomed in the start of our summer solstice.  However for years the last Friday of June begins a change in mindset for many of us.

The first big indication is this is first day where our elementary school kids are set free from their classrooms. With the end of math tests and bizarre art projects they are free from their academic chains  and now roam without a bell or timetable dictating their actions. They are now free range kids.

With kids now experiencing this new freedom their parents on the other hand have inherited a scheduling quagmire. The task? How to fill their kids days and weeks with a myriad of activities to keep them off the couch and their phones.  With juggling summer camps, family holidays, sleepover,  camping trips, sporting activities and other parents look for any and all ways to keep their charges engaged.

For those of you with young kids who have moved into a new neighbourhood I am going to provide you with some great things in keeping them occupied and safe.

toronto east outdoor pool

Today is the first day where Toronto’s outdoor pools, splash pads and wading pools open.  Get some kids add water and get a lot of fun. We are very fortunate to have so many of these great recreational facilities across the city.

When our guys were young, and we were new to the neighbourhood, these pools were a gem of a find.  It is a great way for kids to interact and make new friends.  As a parent, my wife and I meet some great people who many have become long time friends. We actually found a great babysitter at our outdoor pool who ended up caring for our guys after school for years.

I have nothing but praise for the City in that the pools were well maintained and staffed with fully trained lifeguards.  I know this for a fact, as my youngest son is a lifeguard at one of our Toronto east wading pools.  From our talks he was impressed with the how detailed the training was in keeping the pool a safe environment.

Here is the link to find the closest pool or splash pad in your neighbourhood:  Toronto Swimming Facilities 2015

The last key sign that summer has officially come to Toronto is the slow down in house sales.  This is a bigger topic so I will be talking about this one later next week as we turn the corner into July.

So when the hot, hazy, dog days of summer come take yourself and your kids for a cool down.  You are never too old and as a family we still love our outdoor pools.