Thinking of Selling Privately? The First Weeks Are Always Painful

This is the third in my series on selling your home privately from both a seller’s and buyer’s view.   As I said from the beginning if you can do, great!   However prepare yourself physically, mentally and financially for the road which lies ahead.

If you are new to this series then you should check out the first two blogs:

A Seller’s View

So the first couple of weeks may not have gone as planned.    Sure the parade of potential buyers were more like a one man band.  I seems the only parade of calls were from real estate agents telling you they had some mystery buyer, telling you they were your neighbourhood specialist,  and they only required you to sign a listing agreement with them…just the realtor trolls  you were trying to avoid.   After you have cleaned and got the house ready for a scheduled buyer appointment, most times they are either late or a no-show.  Those buyers who do come to the house arrive with 6 family members in tow and as they walk through the house are voicing how they hate everything from your decor or that our house should be torn down.   That’s when you toss them out the door, never to see them again, only to then find out they lifted your iPad as their parting gift.

A Buyers View

You’ve seen a listing on, but even through it has limited online details and photographs it’s in the neighbourhood you’re considering.  It’s priced higher than anything comparable, and though everything has been snapped up in days, it seems this house is still for sale. Oh, that explains it, it’s a for sale by owner.  Never the less, it’s worth seeing so a request is sent out the seller’s email asking to see the place the next night at 6:30.   Three days pass with no answer, however finally a response from the seller saying the buyer’s email went into their spam but can they rebook for Saturday from 2 – 4 pm.   That date does not work for the buyer, but after a flurry of emails finally an agreeable time and date.  Our buyers arrive at the and the owners greet them at the door.   For the entire time in the house the seller shadows the buyers from room to room hammering them with a continual barrage of why their house is so great and worth every penny they are asking.   The buyers are just thinking, “Please Lord,get me away from these people”.

We definitely have a disconnect here:  Sellers see buyers a cash cows and buyers see sellers as evasive.   Like any good deal, where both sides walk away with a mutually agreed contract, it most likely came through accessing a third-party mediator.  Next up, getting the offer.