The Weird World of Toronto Home Construction


What Was The Builder Thinking?

I was showing a couple some houses a few weeks ago and we went to check out a semi detached house that was listed for under $300,000. The unit was built about a year ago and was located in eastern part of the Greater Toronto Area – to protect the innocent I won’t reveal the city or the builder. As we toured this 3 level home my clients, Mark and Melanie, asked me to explain this. In my years as a Realtor I have seen many strange spaces, but this one was definitely picture worthy.

Let me describe this room which is about 4 feet by 12, walled in, with not one but 2 doorways into the room:

  • You have your high efficiency furnace
  • Yes, that is a sink, but what you can’t see is the rough in for a toilet
  • Have to have a water heater
  • Stackable washer and dryer
  • Then a window which is almost unaccessible

The builder managed to utilize every inch of space, but how you describe this room?

Laundry room with it’s own 2 piece washroom?

2 piece washroom with attached laundry?

Cozy utility room with own 2 piece and laundry facilities?

The original buyer of this home purchased it pre-construction off the builder. The owner was presented at the showroom the model’s floor plan and on paper what they had envisioned for this space. Looks great on paper and our homeowner signs the contract and plops down the deposit. What you need to know in buying pre-construction, either a condo or a home, is that once construction starts the builder can alter the floor design to accommodate changing needs. So, what happens is a walk in closet is now semi walk in, a separate 2 pc washroom is now tacked to the utility room and your family room has morphed into a space no bigger than a walk in closet.

Buying pre-construction is great idea as being first in you get choices models/upgrades and as well prices are generally lower than resale. Just know that looks perfect in showroom might not be what is delivered to you 12 months later.

Just to update you on the house, it was on the market for 6 months, had 4 price reductions and sold considerably less than the owner’s original asking price.