Is A Semi-Detached House Right For You?


Is A Semi-Detached House Right For You?

In Toronto you will find semi-detached homes are very common.   What defines a semi-detached homes is the obvious, in that one side is attached to another home.   Semi-detached homes can be found in almost every part of Toronto and what is attractive to buyers is they are much more affordable than the price of a detached home.

Now the features of semi-detached home:

  • mutual or shared driveway
  • smaller living space
  • located in more established neighbourhoods
  • affordability
  • fenced backyard
  • more difficult for major renovations especially exterior
  • some share common elements – roof, porch driveway
  • less privacy

But in saying this I have buyers who love the idea of living in city and not being saddled with a long suburban commute.  Have a look at Toronto’s monthly semi-detached housing prices for 2013.   What I have done is break it down by the city but as well as Toronto central, Toronto east and Toronto west.

Geographic AreaMonthly SalesAverage PriceMedian PriceAverage Selling Price to Listing PriceAverage Days on Market
January 2013City of Toronto147$586,080$515,000100%22
 Toronto Central50$717,085$625,00098%24
 Toronto West41$500,080$461,000100%23
 Toronto East56$532,066$477,500101%20
February 2013City of Toronto234$618,777$540,000101%17
 Toronto Central 72$844,304$730,830100%16
 Toronto West65$488,243$480,000101%21
 Toronto East97$538,845$500,000102%15
March 2013City of Toronto314$607,334$549,500102%12
 Toronto Central92$771,232$654,000101%14
 Toronto West93$521,185$470,120102%12
 Toronto East129$552,554$520,000103%12
April 2013City of Toronto415$595,398$531,000103%14
 Toronto Central 102$817,649$726,000102%16
 Toronto West120$469,325$455,500102%19
 Toronto East193$539,538$510,000104%9
May 2013City of Toronto434$633,625$579,000103%13
 Toronto Central139$807,076$722,000103%14
 Toronto West131$543,893$535,000103%15
 Toronto East164$558,290$546,200104%10
June 2013City of Toronto380$618,194$550,000103%14
 Toronto Central106$790,824$703,750103%14
 Toronto West119$536,375$479,800103%18
 Toronto East155$562,952$542,000103%11
July 2013City of Toronto340$584,499$560,250101%17
 Toronto Central102$715,756$646,400101%15
 Toronto West115$518,946$479,000101%20
 Toronto East123$536,940$515,000102%16
August 2013City of Toronto231$576,022$509,000101%17
 Toronto Central58$788,542$682,500101%18
 Toronto West80$501,230$461,500101%19
 Toronto East93$507,819$481,888102%22
September 2013City of Toronto298$616,049$564,000103%14
 Toronto Central90$782,911$752,000104%11
 Toronto West97$515,094$478,000102%19
 Toronto East111$568,978$520,000104%13
October 2013City of Toronto331$642,112$585,000103%15
 Toronto Central100$803,490$718,500104%12
 Toronto West99$541,738$500,000101%19
 Toronto East132$595,135$553,500104%13
November 2013City of Toronto267$640,208$585,000103%17
 Toronto Central88$790,729$672,500102%19
 Toronto West67$534,793$495,110103%21
 Toronto East112$585,003$548,000104%14
December 2013City of Toronto136$644,423$551,000101%21
 Toronto Central34$919,017$777,944100%26
 Toronto West50$546,104$526,000101%19
 Toronto East52$559,418$542,268102%18

If you want to compare prices with detached you can check out my blog on Buying a Detached Home

The quick math shows that the average Toronto semi-detached home in January of 2013 sold for $586,080 and was on the market for 22 day.  Now if you would deferred buying until December the average price jumped to $644,423 with only 21 days to sell.  Within 2013 you are looking at an increase of $58,343 or 10 percent.

Toronto central area is where you will find where semi-detached homes will set you back the most.   This is because you are looking to purchase in neighbourhoods like The Annex, Leaside, Cabbagetown and Trinity-Bellwoods.    Toronto’s east end is the next and here you can find some great homes in such popular neighbourhoods as Riverdale, The Beaches, Danforth and East York.   If you are considering Toronto west then you are looking at High Park, Dovercourt, Roncesvalle and The Junction to call home.

The advantage of buying a semi-detached home (besides price) is that you will find them in the older established parts of Toronto.   Most having been built before World War Two  have great character in both unique style and craftsmanship.   You will find it difficult where any builder is constructing new semi-detached units as they have been replaced with row/townhouses.

I should mention that if you plan to renovate you may encounter some difficulties.   It should be noted that since you are attached you share some key structural elements.   Things such as foundation, load bearing walls and joists may increase your renovations costs or modify your plans.

If you are looking for specific Toronto neighbourhood statistics on either semi-detached or detached home fire me off an email.