Semi-Detached 2014 Toronto Central Monthly Housing Statistics

semi detached house toronto central

Here we are in the 3rd year of providing monthly housing statistics.   If you are looking for updated housing prices you have come to the right place.   In Toronto central, semi-detached homes are the most affordable option for most first time buyers,  as buying a detached home is for most out of their financial reach.

A semi-detached home in Toronto Central provides buyers with most of what they are looking for, but without the hefty price a detached home garners.  If you are looking for a semi-detached home, here are some the central Toronto neighbourhoods you may want to consider:

  • The Annex
  • Cabbagetown
  • Little Portugal
  • Trinity Bellwoods
  • Palmerston – Little Italy
  • Mount Pleasant

You can see that I have also posted the previous two years of monthly semi-detached housing statistics, which will provide a solid history of how sales are going.  I have also provide some historical statistical analysis of individual neighbourhoods which my clients find helpful in getting a better handle regarding the sales cycle.

Toronto Central Semi-Detached 2013 Monthly Statistics

Toronto Central Semi-Detached 2012 Monthly Statistics


Geographic AreaMonthly SalesAverage PriceMedian PriceAverage Selling Price to Listing PriceAverage Days on Market
January 2014City of Toronto134$622,319$543,000102%23
 Toronto Central38$851,511$740,000102%23
February 2014City of Toronto202$668,298$624,250107%13
 Toronto Central 53$924,496$790,500109%9
March 2014City of Toronto303$658,429$616,000106%11
 Toronto Central86$805,039$719,500105%6
April 2014City of Toronto364$702,332$619,000107%10
 Toronto Central 116$942,267$802,500106%9
May 2014City of Toronto470$684,980$618,500106%11
 Toronto Central127$901,659$807,000106%10
June 2014City of Toronto450$672,725$620,000105%11
 Toronto Central149$839,786$792,800103%13
July 2014City of Toronto333$635,311$595,000103%15
 Toronto Central109$751,287$688,000103%14
August 2014City of Toronto246$627,725$572,500102%17
 Toronto Central65$802,436$660,000101%20
September 2014City of Toronto313$689,414$640,000105%14
 Toronto Central92$874,719$778,500106%12
October 2014City of Toronto375$678,937$640,000103%15
 Toronto Central115$843,602$755,000103%13
November 2014City of Toronto261$667,178$594,800102%16
 Toronto Central73$882,661$728,000101%14
December 2014City of Toronto128$615,794$580,950103%21
 Toronto Central30$800,968$767,500104%18


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