Selling Your Home: Affordable Tips To Take It From Ho Hum To Wow

What Home Buyers Are Looking For

 I have showed hundreds of homes and condominiums in almost every neighbourhood in Toronto.   What I have observed on many occasions are  buyers reactions when they see a featured in a house or condominium that makes them say “Do I love this”.  So what I would like to give you is the inside reconnaissance of what will transform your home from buyer  ho hum to WOW.

Each of these suggestions will cost you no more than $2,500, are easy to upgrade and will make your home stand out for any potential buyer. Each has the potential to reap dividends.

  1. Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances – They always make an impact as they transform an average kitchen to a sleek, clean and contemporary space.  Now you don`t have to buy a high end refrigerator, stove and dishwasher (save some money) as most buyers are impressed by the presence of stainless steel and not the brand name.
  2. Energy Efficient Laundry – Ditch the old top loading white enamel washer and dryer and replace them with energy efficient front loading units.  A contemporary laundry scores big with young buyers as it new updated technology, they’re energy efficient  therefore saves money and being new any buyer will be confident that they won’t have to be replace for years.
  3. Hardwood Flooring – Carpeting has little appeal to most buyers today.  The attraction of hardwood is it’s durable, easier to maintain/clean and  a buyer’s personal furnishing/decor can fit into a room without having to match the existing seller’s style or colour of carpeting.   If you’re going to install hardwood for the first time, then consider using natural or engineered hardwood.  Avoid cheap laminates as most buyers will not be fooled.

In a typical afternoon buyers will have shuffled through half a dozen homes.  By adding a distinctive feature you make your home memorable and isn’t that exactly what you want.