Rob Ford Antics Like Watching An Episode of Benny Hill

Those of you who read my blog know that I am a statistics guy, but after a week of the ongoing  Rob Ford show I just had to let this one out.

If you watched public television back in the 80’s you most likely ran across the British randy comedy series “The Benny Hill Show”.  Loaded with prat falls, exaggerated facial expressions, chasing bikini clad models and ogling large breasted women it seemed so absurd that it could only existed in a scripted television comedy.  It seems Rob Ford has been able to incorporate this vaudeville humour into his regular duties as mayor of Toronto.

Now, the physical comedy is classic Rob.  What he is the master at is that he is able to insert this into his day-to-day activities and make it seem unscripted.

rob ford drops to the ground

rob ford drops to the ground

Rob Walks Into Camera



Whether outdoors or indoors he can make the situation physical but pull it off with such ease.  I wish we had a photo from the camera perspective as it would certainly add to the laughs.

When Rob is unable to do the physical comedy, here he  digs deep to express his range with a larger than life guffaw.  This comedy requires straight men to work, so you will notice his two side kicks don’t crack a smile.  No one wants to take the lime light from the star of the show.

Big Laughs

Big Laughs


Variety is necessary to keep the show rolling and Rob knows that better than anyone.  “Mayor Ford, my eyes are up here not at my breasts”.

Hello, Hello,Hello.

I have no idea what you are saying

Rob rarely gets speechless, but put a blonde Miss World in front of him.    She is indeed fortunate that she is not his type, but former mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson is.  Rob on their meeting she got an invite to go to  Florida and a pat on the bum.

But like any great series, there is a time when it has to come to an end.    With the crack smoking story still not having been addressed it looks like all his sponsors will be looking to put their dollars into another show.

I am looking forward to the final episode and I am sure you will hold nothing back.    Do you think your brother Doug will consider doing a spin-off for next season?