Ontario Finally To Strengthen Protection For Home Buyers.

I read a press release this week where the Ontario government is looking to put mandatory minimum qualifications for home inspectors.   This is so overdue, as British Columbia and Alberta have had this for years.

Dozens of home inspectors in a year approach me and hand me their business cards and if it doesn’t note that you are registered then you’re dismissed pal.  Think about it?  You want a registered professional in their field not some cowboy with business card and a ladder.

Presently, anyone can take a course, pass it and call themselves a home inspector-this means you, me, my accountant or anyone with a pulse can put themselves in the marketplace as a home inspector.  So you are now making a major investment and you now letting someone who has no professional accreditation provide you with an assessment of your future home’s mechanical and structural integrity. Scary thought.

You have done meticulous online research on mortgage rates, neighbourhoods, schools, realtors, transit, housing styles, etc. so I only have one additional online source to check out.  Before you hire a home inspector see if they are members of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors.  We all want to hire the best person for a job, so wouldn’t you hire a home inspector that is registered in a professional organization?  Don’t just look at the big franchise home inspection companies as there are some great independent home inspectors who excel in their profession. One of my favourite independent Toronto home inspectors,  who I have worked with many times is Bob Hickson with Compass Home Inspections.  Home buyers love this guy, as not only does he great and detailed review a home’s interior and exterior mechanical/structural systems, he will run appliances, turn on every tap, as well as open and close  every window…now that’s the detail and service which any new home owner is looking for.  If there’s a problem in the house, Bob will find it.

p.s.  The average cost of a home inspection will run anywhere from $350 to $600 depending on the square footage of the house.