My First Blog…Who Am I

The media has a job to report on real estate, but the issue is that they are reporting on a national scale. Considering the diversity of our country they are constrainted to report on national interest rates, major market activity, and other broad factors impacting upon on our Canadian housing market. As a former producer for the CBC I know that local markets can many times can not be covered by mainstream media outlets..even city based newspapers.

As a realtor I work on a local level here in the east end of Toronto and my clients look to me to provide specific details relating to neighbourhoods, local issues, zoning bylaws, school closures, house values and crime rates. Most clients upon first meeting will always quote national housing issues which they have learned through the media. People buy streets and neighbourhoods and my job is to provide them with the all important details, which will impact on their real world of home ownership.

It is important to establish a strong relationship with your Realtor. When buying or selling a home my responsibilty is to provide direct counsel which is tailored to the local area. If you are looking for information on your street or neighbourhood it might be time for a talk with someone who can give you local insights.