Make a Lasting Impression and Raise Your Toronto Home’s Value

toronto spring real estate With the end of what was a long cold winter we all are anticipating the spring weather to come.  But with the coming of Spring it also heralds in the busiest period of the year in our Toronto Real Estate market.

With the announcement of continued low interest rates the next couple of months will see a flood of buyers looking to buy a home. Savvy sellers know that to get the best price for their home then they need to spend some money on improving their property.   No it does not mean putting a new pool in or adding a sunroom, as we know that these will not reap their costs back.

What I am suggesting is that if you ignore basis repairs or simple upgrades you will drag the value of your potential selling price downward.   By enhancing your home you create the best environment to showcase its strengths and with this the potential of a better selling price.

Think of your home this way.  Your boss is coming over for dinner and it’s critical you make a great impression as you are being considered for a big promotion…with a significant increase in salary.   Nothing will be left to chance:

  • When he/she pulls up in front of the house it looks inviting
  • As they walk inside everything shines from top to bottom
  • The table is set with the crystal glasses and your best china
  • You have spent days to get the menu just right
  • The wine has been carefully chosen to impress the most discerning palate.
  • Every detail from new towels to what aperitif to serve has been meticulously planned and strategically executed

As they evening comes to an end her or his finally words are “I think we have found the right person to head up the new department”.

Selling your home follows the same model.  You’re inviting potential buyers into your home and the goal is to showcase your space.   So within the planing a myriad of details you get influence not only first impressions but also establish a the lasting perception.  Remember one of these buyers will be writing you a big cheque.

Buying or selling Toronto Real estate is a careful balancing act.   As a seller you have three choices:

  1. Lose money
  2. Break even
  3. Or turn a profit

We all know the answer we want; however depending on your course of action that will dictate what’s in your future.   Over the next 4 weeks I will be writing a series of blogs on the five ways where you can raise the potential selling price of your Toronto home.  In addition you will my thoughts on what mistakes you can make which will cost you money and how to stay clear of them.

For buyers this information will be critical to you as well as you starting your 2015 home search.  The better informed you are the better you will be able to navigate this housing market.

Be ready for another hectic spring real estate market here in Toronto.  It will get crazy, but you can prepare yourself for the roller coaster ride to come.