It’s Spring And Maybe The Reason You’re Not Selling Is Outdated Winter Photos

Update Your Photos On MLS If You Are Selling Your Home

 While looking online for houses for my clients, it still amazes me that on the 12th of May there is still snow in many neighbourhoods in Toronto. Fortunately, here in my east-end community of Birch Cliff, we are outside once again cutting grass and planting flowers while these poor souls are still locked in winter’s embrace.

As a home owner do you think marketing your property with outdated photos is going to help attract buyers? Obviously not. So, why aren’t these photos updated to showcase these homes’ full potential?

Keeping these ‘best before’ photos leaves the impression that the house as been on the market for months or there must be something wrong with it…either condition or price. What will the next action be for an online visitor? Yes, that’s right – clicking to the next listing.

Why would any one accept this? When you signed the listing agreement I assume your Realtor had presented you with some type of marketing plan, which would have outlined not only short-term actions but some long-range contingency planning.

The two messages I take away from seeing these non-seasonal photos are:

  1. The home owner has disengaged from selling their house or,
  2. The realtor, once the listing was signed, has the put the house on autopilot

One is bad enough, but having a disconnected seller and an invisible agent is a recipe for disaster, ultimately costing you money. There are realtors who sign you up and look to your home as a conduit to attract buyers. Other big neighbourhood realtors, who’s signs seem to be everywhere, may treat you like a cog in their well-oiled, house-selling machine. You would think one of their team would be on this, but I guess they’re out selling someone else’s house.

Great for them, not so great for you!

What I put together for my clients is a week by week Gantt chart which details actions to be done, the date,and who will be responsible for carrying out that activity. Expect more from your realtor. Updating photos with fresh ones is a good actions to revitalize a listing.