Its Seems Toronto Loves Housing Statistics As Much As Me

Certainly what is being reported by the Toronto Real Estate Board is that across the GTA there are fewer listings, however house values remain stable.  Those are big, broad numbers and once you start to drill down into specific neighbourhoods you start seeing other merging patterns.   Some neighbourhoods have experienced a significant drop in sold properties and have seen a drop in prices.    But by the same coin, certain Toronto neighbourhoods continue to see strong sales and rising values.

If you know me I’m a numbers guy and from reviewing my Google Analytics I see that many of you frequent my Toronto East and Toronto Central statistics for detached, semi-detached and condominiums are as well.   What I found was a huge black hole in localized Toronto housing statistics.  Now, I had been providing these numbers to my clients for years and in addition in my neighbourhood direct mail pieces.  It is a great tool to accurately measure month my month activity.

What I will be doing in updating Toronto East and Toronto Central regions ever month so it remains relevant and useful. I plan on having the updates within a week following the end of the month.