In Real Estate Loose Lips Sink Ships


Four weeks ago my buyers and I found the perfect house in Toronto’s west end- it worked on price, neighbourhood and best of all we were the only offer.  We put together a fair offer and I presented it at the seller’s home on Sunday afternoon.  In my conversation with the listing agent prior to the meeting I do what I do best, I posed a series of probing questions in an attempt to get us an advantage during the negotiations…the end successful reconnaissance once again.

This was what I was able to glean from our talk:

  • She had only been an realtor for 6 months
  • This was her first listing had previously worked exclusively with buyers
  • It was a relative’s house (cousin)
  • Informed me the sellers were divorcing
  • Only one previous offer 10 days earlier but fell apart on the buyer’s financing
  • The sellers were considering a price reduction

The first rule in my profession is keep your mouth shut on issues not related to the property.   Yeah, I’m a friendly individual but I formerly worked as a producer/write so I know how to conduct a successful interview.  This realtor had not idea that while we were talking on the phone I was taking meticulous notes – my role is to probe for any advantage for my clients.

When we arrived at the house I knocked on the door, the listing agent had no idea that for the 24 hours prior my buyers I had crafted a presentation strategy,  rehearsed various scenarios and reworked the offer to best work for us.  As we sat around the table I took control of the presentation and therefore was able to maintain our agenda.   In the end we got the property on my buyers terms for exactly the terms we wanted.

We were definitely leveraging the seller and the listing agent’s verbal slips and I make no apologies for doing that.