Got That Seven Year Itch? Maybe It’s Time For a Change

Feeling Guilty About Wanting Change?

No one can pinpoint the time in a relationship where one starts to consider it’s time for a change. Curious though, that it always seems that one spouse seems to get the itch while the other is happy with the status quo. There are no hard statistics but 7 years sounds about right to me. I hate to say this ladies, but it seems you are usually the first to get the itch.

It starts out casual enough. Maybe just a feeling of boredom, possibly curiosity, then desire or finally envy. Now it starts to escalate to action. You know:

  • slipping out for a couple hours on the weekend
  • maybe a few private phone calls at work
  • a couple of arrange meetings
  • you then know it’s time to come clean

Here is where you sit down with your spouse and hit them with the truth. “Honey, I love you, but I have been talking with Michael the Realtor and he’s been showing me houses and I’ve decided its time we moved”. “But, I thought we are perfectly happy here” is the standard male response. We are not far off of Red Green’s men’s prayer, ” I’m a man, but I can change if I have to…I guess”.

But we all see the need for change and faced with reality the tell tail signs becomes all so apparent… the house no longer fits. You see it yourself:

  • the kitchen needs updating
  • now you looking for a master with an ensuite
  • you have 2 children and the house is busting at the seams
  • the children have all moved out and the house is just too big
  • condo living was once ok, but now you want a backyard

There, it’s now out in the open. A curious thing then happens with couples, in that they both see that this is an itch they both can scratch. Moving homes is just part of changes in our lives and the great thing is we have a spouse to share the journey.

From my own experience as a Toronto Realtor I see most families move on an average three times. The residential cycle goes somewhat like this:

  1. First home
  2. Second home to meet changing needs
  3. Downsizing to smaller home.

Every couple of is unique and some will have a half dozen address changes will other one or two.

Change is good and with open communication you will be surprise how well you and your spouse will embrace this opportunity to spice up the relationship with the right move. The adventure is always in the search.