Finding The Perfect Toronto House Is Like Dating…It’s A Numbers Game.


It’s Valentines Day and today is the singular day where couples express their love for each other. Whether it’s my teenage son and his girlfriend having their first or my wife and I experiencing 20+ years it is the day where you celebrate having found each other.  However, the big question is with all the other people out there how did we find each other?  Simply put, you have to get out into the dating pool if you ever expect to find someone.  The same applies to finding the right house.

In saying this there are two distinctive groups:

  1. Those who are in strong relationship and dating is not part of their daily lives.   The same goes for those who are living in the house where they are established and comfortable and the prospect of moving is not part of their world.
  2. You’re single or in an non-committed relationship and actively looking for a change.  Here is where you know you need to move and are checking our as well as open houses…you’re looking for change.

In addressing the secondary group we all know that the right house will not come to you, but you have to find it.  Like finding the right mate, you first of all have put together your must haves or else you will be wasting valuable time.

My role in your quest to finding the perfect house is that of your matchmaker.  Sure you can go it alone, but do you really want to spend your days looking at crappy houses in lousy neighbourhoods?   It is not speed dating, where you blast through as many homes as possible on the off-chance you get lucky, but it is methodically determining what works for the long-term.   There’s no such thing as lucky in love or lucky in-house hunting.

When you start out you have your definite criteria of exactly what you are looking for.  Houses are like people, we know what we want but in reality does it really exist?    It’s here where the dating and housing worlds collide and where we realize that we have compromise or as economists like to refer as “settling”.  Settling is a good thing, as it allows for a relationship to move forward.

Sometimes it’s that magic moment when you just know the house is the perfect and only one.   In other instances it will be one of those comfortable feelings where you know you can make the house work for you over time.     It may come to you in the first couple of houses or it may take three dozen houses before you find your match for the long-term.