Fake Bell Mobility Scam Attempts to Highjack Your Mobile Device

In the last 48 hours I have been called 8 times by an 1 800 number with an automated voice message informing me to log into a specific Bell site so that I can redeem a $100 credit.

The first time I heard it I dismissed it. No one gives me $100 dollars not unless they want something and this one definitely did not pass the sniff test. It seems scammers have created a webpage to look like Mother Bell and once you input your account and password say goodbye to your account.

Scams are out there and it is up to us, the honest users, to protect one another. The CBC ran a report on this issue yesterday and I do thank them for their timing, however Bell has been slow on the uptake to slam these crooks. Guys, I am a Bell customer and you should use your massive call centre to inform us of problems before you look for ways to upgrade my accounts. If I sniffed this out at first encounter, then I would have expected you to jumped on this bone and informed your customers of this scam. To date no message from Bell informing me of the existence of this problem.

My take away from this, if you get a call from faux Ma Bell telling you of a $100 credit hang up.

Scammers are out there, so don’t be the first to give up your security for a handful of magic beans.