Detached 2014 Toronto East Monthly Housing Statistics

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Detached 2014 Toronto East Monthly Housing Statistics

When I ask  my buyers what kind of house they are looking for they almost collectively say “detached”.  However in their next breath they say “But we can’t afford one”.   With the average detached house in Toronto central selling for around $1,500,000 you can certainly see that for most it is financially way out of reach.

In saying this what you should consider is buying in Toronto east neighbourhoods.  With an average selling price of around $650,000 a detached house becomes more attainable.

The east end of Toronto has some great neighbourhoods and here are some great ones:

  • The Beaches
  • Leslieville
  • Riverdale
  • East York
  • Birchcliff
  • Guildwood
  • East End Danforth

In the table below you will see how Toronto east detached home prices compare with those of the City of Toronto.   Again, what you want to see is how the housing market is performing in relation to houses sold, average price and days on market.   What you will find is in knowing your number it will put you in a better position when either selling or buying.

Geographic AreaMonthly SalesAverage PriceMedian PriceAverage Selling Price to Listing PriceAverage Days on Market
January 2014City of Toronto463$888,210$695,00099%28
 Toronto East163$587,978$526,000101%23
February 2014City of Toronto668$955,314$769,000101%18
 Toronto East236$604,207$544,000103%15
March 2014City of Toronto1,011$898,332$708,000101%16
 Toronto East396$627,038$570,500103%13
April 2014City of Toronto1,296$965,670$740,000101%14
 Toronto East488$647,227$580,273104%10
May 2014City of Toronto1,551$943,055$734,000101%15
 Toronto East554$631,594$575,000103%13
June 2014City of Toronto1,312$921,127$721,250101%15
 Toronto East486$638,655$591,000103%12
July 2014City of Toronto1,045$880,433$700,000100%19
 Toronto East422$658,725$583,444101%16
August 2014City of Toronto828$902,428$665,00099%22
 Toronto East342$604,518$574,950101%17
September 2014City of Toronto1,052$951,792$730,000100%20
 Toronto East387$648,951$595,000102%17
October 2014City of Toronto1,19$951,746$753,000100%17
 Toronto East431$678,348$615,000100%18
November 2014City of Toronto904$935,122$725,000100%20
 Toronto East361$642,967$588,000102%16
December 2014City of Toronto521$934,039$695,00099%27
 Toronto East209$664,880$590,000101%19

If you are considering a specific Toronto east neighbourhood, contact me directly and I will attempt to put together a data pack for you.

I am going into my 3rd year of sending out monthly housing statistics so have a look at some previous years, as it will provide a great snapshot of how out the east end housing market is performing.

Toronto East 2013 Monthly Housing Statistics.

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