Christmas Is Over Toronto So Take Down The Damn Decorations!

We all love the Christmas holidays and from early December to the start of the new year we all want to share the festive spirit.  However it is now February so lets not prolong it.   I was showing some buyers a home this week in a great Toronto east end neighbourhood and when we pulled up there were lights still hanging up.   It wasn’t just the lights but also cedar garland around the porch and a holiday wreath still tacked on the front door.   I knew this was not going to be good.

As we walked up the front all we could see were Christmas decoration and not the house…the sellers could not see that they had become a distraction. The impression they left us with is that they were one too lazy or two liked prolonging celebrations.   Either way it did not contribute to their cause. Once inside the good news was the tree was down and the holiday decorations were packed away.   The house was good but my buyers and I kept going back to our original impression…those damn outdoor decorations.   The question we kept asking is if they neglected to remove the decorations what else in the house had they ignored.  So after 15 minutes we locked the door behind us and went to our next appointment.   No sale here.

During December home sales are traditionally slow.   For my selling clients we suspend the listing during the holidays and then relist with a fresh photos in the new year.   What the sellers and their agent should realize is the message they are sending out is they don’t care. If they don’t care why should we.

Being the professional that I am, I emailed the agent and informed her that I strongly suggest they remove the outside decorations immediately.   I do hope she passes it along to her sellers as if they ignore the obvious, no one wants to be reminded of Christmas on Valentine’s Day.