Buying? Birchcliff Is a Neighbourhood To Consider

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When you start looking to buy a home the old rule of location, location, location still holds true.  What we are experiencing in Birchcliff are builders seeing the value of this Scarborough neighbourhood.  On almost every street there is either presently ongoing construction or a completed a large scale renovation.

So the question is why is Birchcliff seeing a boom in construction, increased housing sales and rising home values?  Two words, detached homes. I will explain this later but lets deal with the obvious first.

Where the hell is Birchcliff?

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Birchcliff is the eastern neighbour of Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood. It runs along the Scarborough Bluffs, with lots of small streets leading off of Kingston road.  With its proximity to the Beaches, Birchcliff residents get quick access but don’t have to put up with residential density or the parking/traffic issues.

But what is attracting interest is that 70% of the homes in this community are detached.  That’s an incredible number and one of the highest in the City of Toronto.   Birchcliff western neighbours are The Beaches and Danforth east who would both be half of that – their bulk of housing types being semi-detached.

From a builder’s perspective they can purchase a bungalow with a 30 or 40 foot frontage for around $375,000 or $400,000 and then knock it down and put up a 2,500 to 3,000 sq foot home which then can sell for $800,000.   Trust me, they are getting that price.  Present homeowners a loving this as it increases the house values  for the entire street.

For those looking to buy it just makes sense you would buy in a neighbourhood before the word gets out.  Think Leslieville 4 years ago where you could buy a renovated semi for $400,000, and now you would be lucky to get one for under $600,000.

What you are getting in Birchcliff is more house for your dollar.   Look at what detached homes are going for:

  • City of Toronto detached home average price $864,536
  • Central Toronto detached home average price $1,335,879
  • East Toronto detached home average price $579,197
  • Birchcliff detached home average price $566,204

Source:  Toronto Real Estate Board May 2013 results

So you are getting a detached house, with driveway parking, large lot size and proximity to central Toronto.  You will find that most of the top Beach realtors don’t live in the Beaches, but in Birchcliff…so they understand the value.

I have sold many homes in Birchcliff, but just last month I had an open house in the area and the folks coming in were from Leaside, Liberty Village, Pickering and The Beaches.   They all were looking for an affordable, detached home in a great neighbourhood and Birchcliff fit perfectly.

If you want you can have a look at monthly statistics for Birchcliff going back a full year by clicking the following link.  Birchcliff- Cliffside


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