Billboard Real Estate Agents Are They Marketing Themselves or Your Home?

There are a number of Toronto big name realtors who’s neighbourhood flashy house signs,  smiling billboards and the ton of direct mail I get you would think they are the top of their profession. But no matter how many signs, billboards and mail drops it does not equate to successful selling a home.  However, home owners start to believe this cluster bombing, mass marketing campaign and just like McDonalds or Starbucks they’re the first to buy into If You’re Big You Must Be The Best.

Here is the disconnect as I see it: They’re great at marketing themselves but fall short when it comes to marketing and selling your home.   Most fall into the trap of sticking to the old static form of marketing which hits just one message which is composed of a picture and text.  This is marketing message is isolated to only the realtor’s voice and the analogy I would use is they’re standing in front of a house screaming Buy Me!   No one beyond a 200 meter circumference will ever receive the news. So where is the dialogue?   Where is the interaction?

What today’s consumers want in a real estate agent:

  • A realtor who can deliver their message to a large but targeted audience
  • Has an informed voice
  • Someone who engages with insightful and valuable commentary
  • Is successful in leveraging online and social media portals
  • Delivers a message which sparks a response and discussion

Communication is the key element to my success.  My clients and I engage in meaningful dialogue every day, via a half a dozen platforms. The goal is always how are we going to advance the mission of either successfully selling or buying a house/condo in Toronto.

Those of you who have met me, read my blog or pick up on my social media commentary know that I am not the billboard type.    So you have a decision to make. You can go with the slick realtor who will stand in front of your house, or go with someone who has a greater reach and whose voice can be heard above the din.