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You have choices and one of the most important real estate decisions you will make occurs in the earliest stages of buying or selling a home, and that is…finding the right REALTOR®.   Lots to choose from (no shortage out there), but what distinguishes a truly great real estate agent from the mediocre?  It takes work, energy, and time by you, but this is a critical decision, as you are choosing the individual who will be championing your real estate needs.  So, here are some of the fundamental attributes to look for:

  • Communication – I have solid written and verbal skills which are critical in making my voice and yours heard in din of Toronto real estate.  However, any good communicator starts with listening to you first.
  • Knowledge –  Life’s a continued road of learning, therefore I am constantly upgrading both my hard and soft skills.  The world moves at a lightning pace, so being an early adapter of new technology, media applications, business skills and building styles/techniques keeps me ahead of the pack.
  • Ethics – Simple, always do what is right for my clients.
  • Commitment – Each day I show clients that I am not afraid of the heavy lifting.  Say what you are going to do, then do what you said.

Now, just the facts about me:

  • Bachelor Applied Arts Ryerson University (Radio and Television)
  • Ryerson University Project Management
  • Senior Real Estate Specialist
  • Featured on “Take This House and Sell It”
  • Monthly writer “Zoomer Magazine” regarding real estate since 2009

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