12 Things To Do Prior To Listing Your Home


Twelve Things You Should Do Prior To Listing Your Home

For months you have been working on getting your home ready for the market and now the listing date is fast approaching. Here are just a few tips which my clients have used in the preparing for listing day:


  1. Check with your mortgage provider and inform them that you will be selling the property. If you are going to purchase another home get yourself pre-approved for the new purchase as well if the old mortgage is portable or if you plan on discharging the mortgage what penalties will be incurred.
  2. Round up all necessary property documentation ie surveys, deed, builder’s floor plans, etc.
  3. Find any warranties, guarantees and user manuals. It is great to provide any potential buyer a binder that they can review during a viewing of the 5 year warranty on the new furnace and the operating manuals for all the appliances which will be included in the home sale. You paid for this and during negotiations it can add more cash value to your home’s selling price.
  4. Have a pre-sale home inspection. An inspector will find any possible problems with the home’s structural or mechanical components (a buyer’s inspection might uncover these if one of their conditions) then the home owner can repair prior to listing.If your house is perfect and passes with flying colours, then provide copies of the pre-inspection to potential buyers so a home inspection condition does not have to be included in an offer to purchase.
  5. Replacement estimates on some big home repairs that you don’t plan on doing: roof replacement, removing wallpaper, resanding floors, replacing windows. A buyer during negotiations will inflate the cost of these deficiencies in order to garner a lower price–having these quotes will give the seller a realistic bargaining advantage.
  6. Clean and organize. This means get rid of the clutter, pack up and store any off season items and drop off any items you don’t use or need to a local shelter or charity store outlet. On the cleaning side this means counters, closets, floors, windows, baseboards, walls and everything else in between. Your home will shine and you will be surprised how proud it will make you feel.
  7. First impressions count so work on your home’s curb appeal. Show holiday cheer with outdoor Christmas decorations, but if the season is over take them down. Cutting the lawn, raking and addling some flowers at the front will make an inviting welcome for buyers.
  8. Know your utility costs. Buyers want to know how much they will have to budget to cover heat, hydro, or other fixed monthly home costs.
  9. Have a plan of where you plan to go during showings and open houses. Children, live in relatives and pets need to know in advance where they can safely go on short notice.
  10. Secure your valuables either out of sight or at a family or friend’s residence.
  11. You know what’s great about your neighbourhood so shout it out. Tell potential buyers of that wonderful school fair, a local farmer’s market or great local shops
  12. Include some off season photos. In January it is hard to imagine fun in your outdoor pool, beautiful flower garden or landscaped patio, so take some pictures to help buyers see your home’s seasonal beauty.